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Amazon Product Ranking

Rank A Product On Amazon's First Page Using The Algorithm

Rank your production on amazon

Get quick boost for your business within 14 days

You can jump-start your organic sales in a matter of days rather than wasting a month for PPC to deliver results. What's holding you back?

With our 14-Day Rank Strategies, your launches and sales growth could well be accomplished in a few simple steps.

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How Does It Work

Storefront Analysis
Provide us user permission to your account and let our professionals review your Listing.
Preliminary Report
Using our own ASIN Software, data analysts will prepare a preliminary report.
We create a number of customized Campaigns for split testing.
Campaign Optimization
We optimize campaigns using data analytics to deliver a lower ACOS and dramatically improve ranking.
Performance Review
Monthly reports will be published and targets will be established for next month.

Satisfied Customers

Real Customers. Real Results.
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Rank Higher in Searches
Keyword Research
Discover high-volume, high-ranking keywords that propel your products to the top of the search results
using advanced keyword aggregation and detailed competitor data.
You can ask us anything
We start by removing low-performing campaigns and consolidating converting keywords into the main focus campaign. We rank and index the top ten keywords using weekly KPIs to eventually achieve organic sales.
We require you to provide us user permissions which are under the advertisement tab.
Holistic reports are updated twice a month (mid-month and the end of the month) to track progress including ASIN Rankings, Keyword Rankings, and Organic Orders vs Advertised Orders.
There is no fixed time. Only after all ten keywords have been indexed and a 70/30 split between organic orders and promoted ones has been reached then we consider the optimization cycle accomplished.
Reduce ACOS, Improve Sales and Increase ROI.
We do extend our services to account management and Virtual Assistance per agreement.